Sensing the Baltic Sea, June 2011

2011 M.A.R.I.N. summer residencies started in the Finnish Archipelago, from Högsåra island, onwards to Naantali archipelago, Kemiö and Tallinn.
Theme was to develop ideas and methods for sensing the marine environment and the sea itself.

Participants: Ben Dromey (IR/FI), Till Bovermann (GER/FI), Igor Rocha (BR), Yara Gasque (BR), Bruno Vianna (BR), hosted by Tuomo Tammenpää and Tapio Mäkelä, co-produced by Kati Åberg and Tapio Mäkelä.

Ben Dromey developed a Fish House; an underwater entrapment that enabled radiation measurements on fish combined with a floating buoy and a mast, that housed the elecronics. Motivated by Fukushima catastrophy, Ben explored ways in which radiation sensing could be made tangibly present in the marine environment.

Till Bovermann continued work from the winter Pixelache workshop, looking at the Wind cell, a wind vibrating energy source. He turned the vibration into deep harmonics of sound, and did several site specific stations on the island. Was it measuring, or sensing?